Y-we-dream-logoIt is the firm belief of “Y We Dream” that children are the future. What kind of a future, however, depends on vehicles of positive support. Each and every one of them possesses amazing potential and a limitless capacity for greatness. This greatness can only be actualized with the proper help from positive figures. These types of people give proper attention from the use of Speakers Bureaus to much more character developing assistance as youth grow up. A silver lining exists for child development and support in the form of mentoring and role model programs. Child mentoring is hands down one of the best ways to ensure a bright future for youth. No matter what their background, youth from all walks of life need a significant amount of help at one point or another in their lives, and coaching and mentoring are perfect ways to optimize a youth’s abilities. Sometimes all they need is a few helping points to get them going along the right path.

The “Y We Dream” organization is intended for the betterment of youth’s futures we have been developing mentoring programs geared towards helping children in a number of vital areas, such as skills training, social abilities communications, peer interaction and just plain having fun. Among these programs, education and empowerment has been making a positive impact on thousands of children’s lives. One of the main focuses of our youth empowerment programs is to provide youth with the tools and means to make a life for themselves, teaching healthy independence and encouraging them to actively discover and act on the opportunities around them. A specific part of these programs includes role model programs through our Speakers Bureau. Mentoring types such as these role models impart a range of valuable information and insight to the child they speak to. The wonderful part of these youth mentoring programs is that the child is given the chance to make something of themselves, to make a positive difference in other people’s lives as well.

“Y we dream” started off as an idea to give Aboriginal people a method to be inspired and vehicle to be motivated and to provide proof that with hope and hard work dreams can be realized and achieved. Wayne Kaboni, is a Ojibway man and single father of two sons, along with his two sons Clinton 13 and Connor 12 have realized that there are many challenges and obstacles that aboriginal people face every day and therefore motivated them to begin the concept of the “Y We Dream” organization. It was originally conceived as the First Nation Hockey Hall of Fame in 2002, but quickly became what it is now with the guidance of his two sons.  Over the years Wayne has met several people that have become mentors, advisors to him and in the process he has become good friends with these individuals. Often when Wayne speaks at community events he talks about local heroes or people within the community that have succeeded either personally or professionally but are always visible in the community, our goal is positively promote or represent these successes but also of those that are more widely visible in the mainstream.

With the right mentoring and role model programs, youth can truly accomplish whatever it is they wish. Mentors and role models give them access to activities and new perceptions that allow a child to expand on their inherent capabilities to become who they were meant to be. Mentoring and role model programs deserve a great deal of credit and should be considered among the premier options in helping children live fulfilling, healthy lives.

The funds raised by the Y We Dream Foundation will be applied to cover all program expenses associated with our program in the schools and communities, Leaderships Camp, on-line and community Mentorship Programs, and Educational Scholarships. It is the goal of the Foundation to stay connected with all participants and provide them with a source for information and programs that will help inspire and guide them through all stages of their lives.